3 Free Traffic Methods Get many Visitors  for your website
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3 Free Traffic Methods Get many Visitors for your website

If you want to drive free traffic to your website your are not alone! It's the ultimate way to get advertising for your website, right? You don't pay any money and visitors keep flooding your websites... Well that is what this article is going to be about. There are many free traffic methods, but ones that I specifically like are these three traffic methods.

#1 Article marketing - The secret to article marketing as many think is very different from how I do it. It's not about "submitting an article and wishing", although that works for some people. You need to use careful planning, keyword research and know what you are doing to rank your article at the top of Google for free residual search engine traffic.

#2 Building a blog - A blog is 100% free and works really well when you want to attract free visitors to your websites! The reason it works so well is because you can just simply write and article or create a new post and it will automatically ping and update that site in Google. This give Google new updated content consistently, which is important for search engines.

#3 Hang out where people are - The third secret is no BIG SURPRISE really. It's just a fact, and part of the game plan! In order to get the most out of your marketing it's best to be where your target market hangs out and socialize. They might hang out in forums, or they might be in Groups on Facebook.

No matter where they are, you have to infiltrate that space and add value to their lives, then lead them to your website by using a strong call to action.

These are my favorite 3 traffic methods. Each one of these methods are free of charge, although cost you some time instead. Traffic is a two sided coin. You can either pay a lot of money to attract the traffic you want or you can invest some time into your marketing and get free residual traffic from the search engines. I prefer to combine these two traffic methods, to create a more powerful marketing machine.

The last thing I want to tell you about is that the key is not so much "what to do", but to do what you can with what little you got. So if your skills are limited right now, you have to begin somewhere with the first step and free traffic methods is a great way to get started in driving free targeted visitors!

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Reply #1 on : Mon April 05, 2010, 13:00:13
Halo Mas Komang, gimana kabarnya ? Aku masih nyari web programming neh. Ada teman nggak ??