Enable or Disable WordPress Comments on all posts in one step

With WordPress, you can globally disable comments, if you do not want to allow comments to be placed on your blog. Since this information is stored in the database, we can edit the allow comments option (open or close comments) across the entire blog in one step. This tutorial explains how to remove all instances of Allow Comments by using ... Read More »

Delete All WordPress Spam Comments Using phpMyAdmin

I’ve been doing some webmaster maintenance – backups, software upgrades, etc. and ran into a WordPress install that had over 20,000 comments sitting in moderation. Ooops. Unfortunately, WordPress provides no simple way of cleaning up huge amounts of comments. Mass edit mode is limited to the number of entries that can be deleted at once. Mass edit mode would be ... Read More »

free wordpress themes

It is beyond doubt, and we know it from our experience) that good free WordPress themes and WordPress templates are always in great demand. Nowadays even among abundant choice of blog engines, WordPress still remains the most widely used and the most popular blog engine. It gives evident benefits such as simplicity in usage and setup, flexibility, great choice of ... Read More »

WordPress Security Plugins: Half The Battle

You might think that installing a few WordPress security plugins does the entire job of protecting your site. Security plugins can help make your site safer (i.e. database backups, login lockouts). Most people don’t realize that there’s much more involved in order to protect a WordPress blog. Read More »