How To Use SEO And Blogging To Generate Traffic

If you have a website and market a product or service, or just want to get more traffic to your content site, then you have one thing in mind- traffic. One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by using blogs to post articles related to your topic. This method is so effective because the big search engines out there love blogs because of their fresh and new content. The most important part about blogging to generate traffic is in optimizing the content of the blogs, a process that is easy to master and can prove very beneficial to your website.

The big search engines absolutely love blogs, especially WordPress. This particular service allows you to setup as many free blog sites as you want, and Google loves it. The search engines index blogs quickly and often and, if you choose to take the extra step in keyword optimizing the content on your blog, then you are going to attract a lot of attention. Make sure you always include a carefully crafted backlink to drive people to your actual sales or content page and you will begin receiving traffic in no time.

Blogging has many aspects that make it an effective marketing tool. Because the popular blog suppliers are so highly ranked themselves in the search engine page rankings, everything they are associated with (linked to) gets spidered and indexed as well. Also, the search engines love all of the new and fresh content that is circulated on such sites, causing them to hang around and spider and index their (your) blogs more often. In addition to sustained traffic generation, if you select your tags and popular keywords carefully, you may also see sudden urges of traffic. All of this traffic can then be directed to your sales or content sites, delivering you the success you want.

Blogs are very popular and easy to maintain, as the website portion is already taken care of and all you have to do is add useful content. Products such as Microsoft Office 2007 also make it easy to update blogs, as you can choose new blog post, type it up and, by adding your login info, it can seamlessly integrate your new content into the blog. This is pretty powerful stuff, considering the value of such sites. With blogs you can add posts as often as you like. Obviously, the more you post, the better for the site, but you can find your own friendly medium and watch the site grow.

Another great way to get attention to your blog is to post comments on other, related blogs. By posting on other niche blogs, you can include a signature file that links to your blog or main site. Once you have that down, the best way to create traffic through blogs is to have multiple blogs on different niches. Each site can be optimized for a different keyword, all pertaining to your main site or product. You can use each blog to promote for that keyword only and then find a way to funnel all traffic to your main site and product pages. This is the power behind blog marketing and can be very effective in creating the success you desire.

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