put WP-Syntax into your website

WP-Syntax provides clean syntax highlighting using GeSHi — supporting a wide range of popular languages. It supports highlighting with or without line numbers and maintains formatting while copying snippets of code from the browser. It avoids conflicts with other 3rd party plugins by running an early pre-filter and a late post-filter that substitutes and pulls the code snippets out first ... Read More »

Add Google talk status on your website

Always wondered what could be the API which lets you interact with Google Talk ? Well I guess there isn’t one yetalk logo Show Google talk status on your websitet other than just creating bots. But what if you want to show the current Google Talk or GTalk status on your website or want it to use somewhere else like ... Read More »

Article Input

Articleinput.com collaborates only with top sources. Thus we gather the best publications, covering a very wide range of subjects and topics. We are devoted to continuously augmenting our collection of articles. The tutorials and articles provided by Articleinput.com are organized by categories: Arts & Entertainment articles, Automotive, Home & Garden, News & Society articles. Who We Are? This website provides ... Read More »

Grant Money For College

Four various grants are awarded: Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity, Federal Pell, Institutional and State. Federal Pell grant programs are the largest. A university gets a set amount of the grant money to allot to those students, which most need financial help. Also, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity grants equal the Pell grants, though have a set help range varying from $100 ... Read More »

Get Money from Internet

here is nothing more satisfying than making a lot of money within a short time from the comfort of your home. Who wouldn’t love to just work a few hours in a week to generate enough income? How about devoting more time with the family with no boss to breathe down your neck everyday? The internet is full of money ... Read More »