Alexa Rank: How To Increase Your website Alexa Rank

Alexa rank. Why is it important for some and not others? Does it really matter? And most importantly, how do you increase your Alexa Score? Some people swear by their Alexa rank while others swear at it. The argument over whether or not Alexa rankings are important won’t be solved here. The simple fact is that your Alexa rank may ... Read More »

Alexa Rank: How To Improve Alexa Ranking Instantly

Alexa Ranking is a site ranking assigned by Alexa Internet to measure websites’ popularity. It claims to use a number of factors in deciding the site popularity, but really it depends mainly on usage data collected by the Alexa toolbar. The higher the ranking is, the smaller number is the rank given. Based on Alexa, Google (Alexa Ranking 1) is ... Read More »