How To Find Information Exploring The Internet

Exploring the internet is easy once you know where to start. When your internet connection is up and running you are ready to explore the World Wide Web. The quickest way to find information is to type the Web address of a relevant site into your browser’s address box and press the enter key on your keyboard.

The site’s first page which is considered as the home page will appear on screen. If you do not know the address, you can track down information using a search engine. Just type in the key words or categories that you are looking for in the ‘Search for’ box, and the engine will comb the web for sites that contain the words you selected.

It will then present you with a list of sites that match. The key to effective use of the Internet is knowing how to narrow your searches so that the number of sites yielded is manageable. Most search engines present their list of sites in batches usually of 10. When you reach the bottom of the first batch, click 2 for the next batch and so on.

Be as specific as you can in your search and choose key words that help the search engine find exactly what you are looking for. Tips on better searching are given by the engines themselves. The web site at

In summary, dont forget to use links to track down information. Links are a key part of the World Wide Web. They appear as underlined text on a Web page and let you jump directly from one site or page to another. Most web sites have links to other similar sites, so that you may find the information you want browsing from one to the next.

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