Article Marketing Secrets – How To Relate With Article And Blog Readers

rticles and blogs are written so they could be read by online visitors. That’s the only reason they’re taken to public forums. Naturally the moment you post your new articles or blogs, you begin to expect readers, and you may well be anxious about how they would react to the message therein. That is normal.

Readers play essential roles in shaping up a blog. It often gives a blog an entirely new direction, as well as helping the blog owner to assume greater responsibility towards the content of articles posted on the blog and their quality. Indeed, many bloggers admit to being inspired in no small way by their readers.

So how do you assemble the type of reader-community that can inspire your blog posts? More importantly, how do you build a lasting relationship with the members of this community, your article and blog readers?

Start by knowing your readers: You can respectfully ask your readers to tell you a bit about themselves. It is even possible to glean some of this information by visiting your visitor (or commentators’) website.

You can also comment on their site’s layout and the topics it covers. But be sincere with your comments and posts. Empty praises can easily be seen through.

Engage your readers: Remember that your goal is to go beyond a normal blogger-reader connection. So occasionally pose questions to your readers. Ask them for their candid opinions concerning the topics you treat in your articles. Generally engage them in conversations. That naturally suggests that you should try and respond to the comments on your blog.

Maybe not all of them. But respond to as many as you reasonably can. You sure like it when other bloggers respond to your comments. So it goes. But ensure your response is not a mere ‘thank you’. If they’ve expressed their opinion about something you wrote, then they’ve started a conversation. Carry on with that the best you can.

Welcome healthy criticism: Indeed invite readers to critique some of your posts. If that’s too hard for you, at least do not react too strongly when people disagree with some of your posts.

They too have a right of opinion, just like you. And it’s not possible for everybody to agree with you all the time. Constructive criticism can actually help refine your posts and comments.

Inspire your readers: Write on topics that people want to read about. There’s no hard-and-fast rule here. But what is more important is how you treat the topic. Write about what inspires you. And write excitedly about them. Motivate your readers with your style of conversation.

Show your human angle: You are a human after all. So don’t be afraid to appear natural. Admit that you can’t possibly know all there is to know about any topic.

It’s also a sign of humility when you ask for readers’ opinions or advice. Are you funny? Then occasionally inject some humor into your articles as well as your comments on other people’s blogs.

Acknowledge your readers: You do this by talking about your readers in your posts. You can also link to their websites. Promote their sites for free, and invite your loyal readers to other regular visitors.

Contribute to their own discussions; a blog is supposed to link a network of people after all. And the truth is that the larger your blog community, the more popular your blog will become.

Just bear in mind that the benefits of all the above steps will not become obvious immediately. Initiating a contact is easy. But building a lasting relationship takes effort, ongoing effort on both sides. It won’t happen overnight. But it won’t take decades, either.

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