Cms: Powerful Features Of Joomla

Joomla is widely used around the world as a Content Management System. Joomla provides many useful features that simply make it a good choice to opt from a traditional HTML-based website to Joomla.

Let’s look into some of the reasons why people use Joomla as CMS

1)Joomla supports many international languages. This will be really useful to you because if your business covers many regions across the world and only English readers are not your customers. When you install Joomla, it will work with a language extension, it is possible that for your website visitors to select a language in which they want to view your website. Imagine you will be able to customize the language with just one click of the mouse.

2)Joomla supports user authentication. It proves as good help to multiple users as they can access the website at the same time; each user can access the website with his or her own user permissions. While developing a traditional website, developers have to add authentication and user access features but in Joomla, this is a built-in feature. Using it with extensions you can build a social networking website for little or almost no cost with faster rate compare to engaging developer to build the same.

3)Templates are useful to achieve a consistent look and feel across the website.Now no need to worry about an errant page destroying the look of your entire website. Joomla shows all web pages within a template, and the template can be manipulated at any point in time. Due to the reason there is no need to go through each and every web page in order to change how it looks. Just one click is all it takes to change the look and feel of the entire website.

4)Joomla makes it easy for many people to work on a website at the same time. Now it’s not necessary to worry about an errant page destroying the look of your entire website. Once user has given the proper permissions, anyone with a web browser can create content to use on the website and can publish it . Furthermore, when you publish website again then the newly published pages across the website will have same template which makes sure a consistent look and feel is maintained across the entire website.

5)Joomla allows the use of extensions, this can be counted as one of the most useful feature of it. Extensions are software programs that are pre-installed onto an existing website which gives the website extra functionality which the standard that its installation doesn’t provide. With hundreds of available extensions, Joomla has power to do almost anything that a website wants without needing further customized development. All you need is to find the correct extension.

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