Search Engine Optimization (Busby SEO Test)

Anyone, especially those who have blogs or websites must be need more traffic, maximum traffic and even high ratings for their own. The only way to achieve all of them is nothing unless using Search Engine Optimization, not Busby SEO Test optimization hahaha… Unluckily, not all people have enough budget to hire some experts to do that and perhaps, they won’t spend a lot of money for it too. Based on that situation, many of my friends asking me whether there is a cheaper way to increase our site ranking without hiring some experts or not. Answering that question, I will say yes, there are available some cheaper ways to increase our site rankings. For the example, yo can read bellow.

1. Building Backlink [Reciprocal Link – Link Exchange]
Backlink, which mean linking our site to another site is the cheapest one to drive traffics at this moment. To do this, we used to have no difficulties because most blogger or webmaster will link to yours too if you firstly link theirs. In order your links have a quality in the search engine, please just link your site to another sites that have similar content or even similar themes with yours. Besides that, you can also do this yourself by spreading your link through a comment in each blog you are visited.

2. Social Bookmarking , Social Media and Forums
Using a social bookmarking or a social media to distribute your feed is a good idea too. For instance is distributing yours into Technorati, Digg, Dmoz, etc. It is important to do since the social media usually have millions reader every day, so that we’ll have more chance to have traffics from there. Like submitting our content to social media and social bookmarking, joining a huge forum is also worth to try. Because we can include our signature in each post we made there.

Two types of search engine optimisation above probably have been already known by us, but trust me, with two steps above, we can have cheap or even free optimization for our sites. In this Busby Test contest, I have no doubt to say that I just use those tricks and nothing more. Now, you can see the results, my Busby Seo Test today have been moved from position #38 to position #24. Not bad, right? So, just test my tricks above and see the result. 🙂

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