Busby SEO Test

Busby SEO Test is the second world cup seo contest for all seo guru and seo master. This is second SEO Test take the “Busby SEO Test” as the anchor text targeted keywodrs. And the winner will be decide by USA Google Data Center , for this key phrase Busby SEO Test.

How to win this Busby SEO Test Contest ?

There a very hard to win this seo test because this is a word cup contest from busby, but one of “The most importance think” to win this test is backlink, you can ask somebody to link to your busby seo test page, b*y some link, of course that need a lot of money and if you don’t have, the most power full strategy to win this busby contest is work with and works as a team.

Why you support me for this Busby SEO Test ?

I bring the indonesian name for this busby contest, not as private or just one community. So if you are indonesian, please support me. And let me think firts how to share all the prize for all of you.

What should you do to support us on Busby SEO Test ?

That is a very simple way to support us on this busby test. Just backlink to us. If you a have a social site account like friendster, facebook, myspace and other. Put this code to your profile. If you have a website, link to us. You can take the code of busby seo test support on sidebar.

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