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Tablet Hybrid Lenovo Siap Hadang iPad

Lenovo tidak mau ketinggalan meramaikan pasar komputer tablet. Vendor komputer nomor empat dunia asal China ini berada dalam tahap akhir pengembangan sebuah tablet hybrid yang dapat diubah menjadi laptop. Kehadiran tablet tersebut sempat diumumkan Lenovo sejak awal tahun ini, tetapi tidak segera dirilis. Namun kini dikabarkan tablet Lenovo bakal diluncurkan di China pada bulan Desember mendatang. Read More »

Facebook phone plans are denied

Facebook has announced it is going to try to push deeper into the mobile phone market. But at the same time the social networking giant has denied plans it is going to build its own smartphone. Reports over the weekend on technology site suggested Facebook is “secretly building a phone”. Read More »

No mention of HP as Hurd talks up Oracle

If anyone was expecting Mark Hurd, the former HP CEO who was forced out of that job and landed quickly as President of Oracle, to kick off the morning keynotes at Oracle OpenWorld with a “neener, neener, neener” for his former employer, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, Hurd, a eloquent and charismatic speaker, took the stage to rally the troops for ... Read More »

Microsoft launch Internet Explorer 9 web browser

Microsoft’s Leila Martine shows Rory Cellan-Jones the ‘high graphic capabilities’ of IE9 Microsoft has launched its latest bid to be computer users’ default window on to the web. The firm has released a beta, or test, version of its latest web browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), which it hopes will help revive its fortunes in an increasingly competitive market. Read More »

Pigeon flies past broadband in data speed race

Broadband is the most modern of communication means, while carrier pigeons date back to Roman times. But on Thursday, a race between the two highlighted the low speeds of rural broadband in the UK; the pigeon won. Ten USB key-laden pigeons were released from a Yorkshire farm at the same time a five-minute video upload was begun. Read More »