Adsense Tips, Layout Optimization Tricks for Higher CTR

Google Adsense is most likely the best way to attract advertisers from across the planet to your blog or website. Submitting your blog to Google for approval and if google approves, you will get you to place their ads codes linking to products/services likely to appeal to the viewers of your blog or website. Each time a viewer clicks a link, the advertiser pays Google , and Google shares the revenue with you.
How to Make Money with Google Adsense easily and without any hassle?

The 26 best Google Adsense Tips and Tricks for earning more from Google adsense program.

Tip 1.
Strictly follow the rules/regulations mentioned in Adsense policies. Trying to cheat the adsense policies results in lifetime ban from adsense.

Tip 2.
Dont ever modify the Google Adsense javascript code as this will result in immediate ban from adsense.

Tip 3.
Don’t ask anyone to click on the ads voluntarily. Do not include incentives of any kind for users to click on ads. Dont write anything near the google ads that may push users to click on the ads.”.

Tip 4.
One of the basic rules is never to click on your own ads – Google is much smarter than you think. google can track all the clicks so you will get busted. You should not reload your pages excessively.

Tip 5.
Ads should not be placed in popup windows, 404 error pages or even pages which has no content.

Tip 6.
Don’t be intimidated by lists of high paying words, you should only blog about what you are good in. Just try to get unique contents.

Tip 7.
For short articles, CTR is best when ads are placed just above the content

Tip 8.
For long articles, CTR improves if ads are placed somewhere in middle of the content.

Tip 9.
Use Text Ads instead of Image Ads as users get more options. Text ads have a better conversion rate. If you still want to display image ads, consider ad formats that support image ads. Image ads ususalyy pay on a number of impressions basis.

Tip 10.
Google Ads without background color and borders always perform better. Make the border color and background color same as your page background color.

Tip 11.
Always put ads above the main fold. Make sure that the ad unit with the highest clickthrough rate is the first instance of the ad code that appears in the HTML.

Tip 12.
Try to put the add url link to a lighter colour .

Tip 13.
Try using the 336×280 large rectangle, 300×250 medium rectangle, or 160×600 wide skyscraper as they have proved to have the best conversion rate.

Tip 14.
Dont ever place adsense ads next to images as this is against the adsense policy which may result in a warning or ban.

Tip 15.
Make ad links look as navigation links on your webpage. Ad links have a great conversion rate if put correctly on the webpage.

Tip 16.
Try to experiment, move your adsense ads through your webpage. You will get a better understanding about your CTR.

Tip 17.
A maximum of 3 adsense ads , 2 AdSense for search boxes, 1 adlink unit and 1 referral button per product is allowed and known to have great conversion without being cumbersome.

Tip 18.
Try to get a good description of your website in the first few lines as this will be determining the ads shown on your page.

Tip 19.
When generationg the google search box code choose to open the results window in a new page so as you have your website open in the viewer’s browser.

Tip 20.
Best place to put adsense search box is top right corner.

Tip 21.
Don’t syndicate full content in your RSS feeds, just put an overview or a brief description so that vuewers will be interested in coming to your site rather than reading everything from the syndicate.

Tip 22.
Use URL channels to determine performance of individual pages. I track my most popular pages with Google Analytics, Statcounter and create a channel for each of the URL. You can even track Adsense Clicks with Analytics

Tip 23.
For low CTR pages, try changing titles or adding more content to get better focused ads.

Try using Free adwords keywords tool to get an estimate of the CPC and according that try to block low paying advertisers.

Tip 25.
The AdSense for search Top Queries report shows you what your users are looking for, by listing the 25 most common searches conducted through your AdSense for search boxes. Use this report to identify additional topics to add to your site, or to keep track of your most sought-after information. Focus and improve that content.

Tip 26.
Not everyone has a RSS reader. Use RSS to Email services like FeedBlitz, Bloglet or Rmail to let users subscribe to your blog by email.

You are the one who can judge what is the best for your site. Try experimenting and you will surely get the best results eventually.

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